Thirteen : Story

THIRTEEN is an unflinching look at the sometimes-harsh world of a young teen trying to fit in with a fast group of seventh graders in Los Angeles. The film chronicles the life of thirteen year-old Tracey (Wood). After falling under the intoxicating influence of Evie (Reed), the most popular girl in school, Tracey finds herself entangled in a fast paced world spinning her sedentary life and emotions wildly out of control. Her mother, Mel (Hunter), frantically tries to understand her daughter's radical transformation. Each time she reaches for her, she learns the extent to which she's fallen just beyond her grasp. The film also features Jeremy Sisto “Six Feet Under,” “May” and Deborah Unger “Between Strangers,” “Sunshine.“

Hardwicke co-wrote the script for THIRTEEN with then 13-year-old Nikki Reed upon whose experiences the film is inspired. “Once and Again” co-star Evan Rachel Wood plays the lead character, Tracey. Oscar winning actress Holly Hunter plays Tracey's mother. The film also marks Reed's acting debut as the cool and troubled best friend Evie.