Guru, The : Movie Review

If you were to take a poll asking which country makes the most movies each year, the majority of respondents would answer with the good ol' U. S. of A. And, like with many polls, its findings would be dead wrong. The most industrious film-producing nation is India, which adds upwards of 150 titles to the "Bollywood" oeuvre every year. While many are low-budget by Western standards, Indian films are watched by many more viewers, with a homegrown fan base of over one billion.

Despite the industry's prudish levels of censorship, film-going remains one of India's favorite pastimes. That's largely due to Bollywood's dependability. Just as Hollywood is known for churning out action extravaganzas chock-full o' bullets, its South Asian equivalent is renowned for musical romances loaded with song-and-dance numbers.

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Author : Tor Thorsen