Willard : Movie Review

More than a remake, more than a modernized, post-millennium horror flick, "Willard" is a love letter to Crispin Glover. Literally. This film just loves him. It's the perfect role for him and her performs flawless within its boundaries yet it allows him almost free-reign to explore his nervous, quirky and, let's face it, downright weird persona. But this film, as directed by Glen Morgan and lensed by Robert MacLachlan, makes gorgeous and eclectic pictures from Glover's facade. The camera floats seemingly effortlessly above his face and looks down lovingly upon him. He is both beautiful and angular with a face that says almost everything we need to know about the titular character and Morgan makes full use of this. Glover IS Willard and Morgan lovingly explores every beautiful and bizarre contour of Glover's facade to easily expose his character.

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