Extreme Ops : Movie Review

You know how somehow, God knows why, every movie is somebody's favorite movie. It could be the worst movie in the world, full of bad jokes, a cheesy script, and unexciting action, and you'll eventually run into someone who loves the piece of crap to death. Know what I'm talking about? Well that's never going to happen to Extreme Ops.

It's not that Extreme Ops is just a bad movie… if you go by the books it isn't the worst it can be. It's that the movie, despite being about stunts, terrorists, sex, and extreme sports, doesn't have enough energy to turn on a light bulb. Extreme Ops has all the power of a Tide commercial. It has all the chemistry of a vat of acid. It has all the excitement of eating oatmeal. Extreme Ops is so slow it's the antidote to amphetamines.

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Author : James Brundage