Irréversible : Movie Review

Irreversible, directed by Gaspar Noé
Starring : Vincent Cassel, Monica Bellucci, Albert Dupontel, Philippe Nahon, Jo Priesta . ..

Alex, a young and beautiful woman is raped by a wanderer. .. Her boyfriend and one of her friend will try to avenge her. ..

The movie was first presented at Cannes, for the last 55th festival. .. and it made such a scandal ! Why ? because, like all Gaspar Noé's films, Irréversible is violent, very violent, but above all realistic ! One of the main scene of the movie is difficult to bear. .. it shows Monica Bellucci being raped, during around 15 minutes. But, beyond the violence of the film, which only translates the violence of the society, this film is quite original. It 's edited a little like Chris Nolan's memento, by starting with the end of the film, to end with the beginning ! and that to explain this sentence : "Time destroys everything", which should have been the title of the movie.
The direction of Noé is very weird ! In his choices, it remids us of Kubrick's clockwork orange. .. Gaspar Noé probably has the talent of his master. ..
One of the film's particularity is to have no screenplay, but only a 4 pages'synopsis. .. After, the actors had to invent their own lyrics. .. That makes funny situations, and it shows how great they are ! The film is not so scandalous. .. it's just a little provocative, to make us think about mankind' behaviour in front of tragical things. And then answer gave by the director is tough. .. . Irreversible has been killed by 90 % of the french press, but it's anyway the better, and more clever french film of 2002.

Author : Gweltaz Caouissin