Personal Velocity: Three Portraits : Movie Review

Combining an excellent literary accent with eclectic reflection on life's perpetual habit of transitioning, Rebecca Miller's highly touted Personal Velocity comprises engaging three-dimensional Everywomen in compelling stories that end up surprisingly cinematic. Split into three portraits, each detailed enough to fill out characters that shy away from easy categorization, the 85 minutes of emotional endeavors may be painful but never bore.

First there's Delia (Kyra Sedgwick, consistently underrated for far too long), a tough cookie from hard knocks who must manage to break the cycle of family abuse without losing control in front of kids that have already seen Mommy cut down to size. Next is Greta (Parker Posey, fantastic in her most human role to date) who accidentally works her way up the corporate ladder, but also possibly out of a marriage that has lost all spark. Finally, Paula (Fairuza Balk, always interesting to watch) is living from one sign-from-above to the next after realizing she's pregnant.

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Author : Rachel Gordon