Love Liza : Movie Review

Philip Seymour Hoffman the actor whose turns in such movies as Boogie Nights, Happiness, and The Talented Mr. Ripley have marked him as one of the finest actors of his generation sets the bar even higher in the darkly comic drama Love Liza. As a recent widower unwilling to let go of his grief, he walks an emotional tightrope and delivers an unforgettable performance that packs the wallop of a silent scream.
The movie begins with Web site designer Wilson (Hoffman) moving numbly through his days in the aftermath of his wife Liza's death. As depressed as he is, he maintains some semblance of his regular life until he discovers her suicide note. In his search for something anything to ease his pain, he turns to huffing gasoline. When people begin to notice the fumes emanating from him, he invents an excuse "I have planes."

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Author : PAM GRADY