Kadosh : Production Notes

With "KADOSH", I am completing a trilogy focused on modern Israel with a portrait of three radically different major cities.

"KADOSH" takes place in the city of Jerusalem, spiritual center of the three most widespread monotheistic religions.

"KADOSH" tells the story of Rivka and Malka, two women who live in the confined and oppressive world of Mea Shearim. The film displays the contradictions of a religious mystery, which assigns to women the role of reproducing a system conceived of, studied and transcribed by men.

Israel is already 50 years old, and yet is still seeking its own identity. As a filmmaker, I am trying to articulate the prime issues that trouble the soul of contemporary Israeli society.

Amos Gitaï is Israeli. He was born in Haïfa in 1950 and studied architecture at the University of California in Berkeley.

After working in theatre, he directed over thirty documentary and fiction films, often based on the theme of social fracturing in Israeli society.


"KADOSH" is his seventh feature film.