Garage Days : Movie Review

Garage Days (2002) - Synopsis ImageDespite what you might expect from the director of The Crow and Dark City, Garage Days is a bubbly, good-natured comedy aimed at young adults. It’s about a struggling Sydney rock band, but there isn’t a heavy industrial soundtrack. Nor is the production design dark and gothic. Alex Proyas’ film eschews grunge; Garage Days is almost earnestly clean-cut.
Freddy (Kick Gurry) is the lead singer who works in a record shop by day and dreams (literally) of being a rock star at night. He bemoans the lack of music venues in the inner city, where jukeboxes and poker machines now constitute “live” entertainment. The best chance of exposure for a young band is a support slot for a popular, hard rock outfit like Sprimp or by appearing at the Homebake music festival.

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Author : Stephen Groenewegen