Smilla's Sense Of Snow : Movie Review

A great movie. A murder mystery, a corporate cover-up, a sci-fi movie, and an action thriller. It starts with the (supposed) accidental death of a child who fell off a five story roof while playing. Small problems, Smilla knows the child is frightened of heights. She can see the tracks on the roof where the child went from the trapdoor to the edge in a straight line, and the tracks show that the child was running. The child was her neighbor and friend. When she tries to investigate, she learns that an eminent physician performed the autopsy. Most of the film is like that; the audience accumulates questions as the mystery deepens. The questions lead to other questions but with very few answers. Where will it lead next? Even the ending doesn’t answer all of the questions, but there is enough to make it a most satisfying drama.

Author : David Sellers