Guy Thing, A : Movie Review

"A Guy Thing" is a sometimes funny, often strained comedy about everything going wrong with a looming Seattle wedding, centered around groom-to-be Paul (Jason Lee).

The nightmares begin when Paul wakes up the morning after a wild bachelor party, sleeping next to hotsy-totsy dancer Becky (Julia Stiles), with no memory of what happened the night before. The fiascoes multiply as Paul tries to disguise the situation from spotless and coy fiancee Karen (Selma Blair); her big-money, George Bush-crony parents (James Brolin and Diana Scarwid); and the rest of the wedding party. The subterfuge becomes madly complicated when Paul learns that Becky is actually Karen's cousin. Aiding Paul are his macho buddy Jim (Shawn Hatosy, who played the young Brendan Behan in "Borstal Boy"). Working against him, it seems, are almost everyone and everything else.

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Author : Michael Wilmington