Mon idole : Movie Review

Mon Idole, Directed by Guillaume Canet
Starring : François Berléand, Guillaume Canet, Diane Kruger, …

Mon idole is the first movie directed by Guillaume Canet, a young French actor seen in Vidocq by Pitof, and The Beach, by Danny Boyle with Leonardo DiCaprio.
Mon idole tells the story of Bastien, played by Guillaume Canet, who wants to be a tv' star. .. so, he tries to become one of his boss' friends. His boss, Brousral, will invite him to have a week-end with him and his wife. ..
It could have been another critical movie about television, with good moral, a little like Quizz show by Robert Redford, but it isn't. The movie is more clever than others because all the characters are bad, all are go-getters. .. and above all, Mon idole isn't a serious movie at all! It's a dark comedy which becomes sometimes quite absurd. .. like in the scene which shows a dancing drug-addicted host dressed up kangaroo! The direction by Canet is rather original, and very good. For his first movie, he dared to make some effects that really give a style to the film. For one of his first main role in a film, François Berléand who is used to second roles, is great! Guillaume Canet is also very good, as usual, and Diane Kruger too. The movie, even if it's little hard to start, takes a very sustained rythm after ten minutes up to the end, and specially during the last fifteen minutes, which are extraordinary! We must notice the second roles 'presence, like JeanPaul Rouve or Daniel Prevost, both hilarious!
For his first film, Canet left us impressed! That actor who wasn't used to starring in good films here has his best role! A jubilant comedy, quite dark, but very funny anyway! Congratulations Mister Canet !!!

Author : Gweltaz Caouissin