Blue Lizard, The : Story

Blue Lizard, The (2002) - Synopsis ImageTo the outside world, The Blue Lizard Lounge exemplifies an escape from the reality of everyday life--the euphoria provided by a high-spirited, cabaret-style atmosphere, complete with sensual, pulsating hot music, live performers and singers--all of which combine to delight and entertain the senses.

Former lovers, Nick and Ariana are fatefully re-united when Nick is sent to discover who embezzled $5 million from The Blue Lizard Lounge, his employer's prized possession and the hottest club in town.

But unfortunately for Nick, his employer, infamous mob boss Charles Valenz, has placed Ariana in charge of operating the club.

Having had his heart broken once by Ariana, Nick has taken a vow to never get personally involved with her again. A vow he is now forced to break.

He becomes torn between his passion for her and his duty to his boss--who owns him, body and soul.

Nick enters the netherworld of the actual inhabitants of The Blue Lizard--who live out their daily lives of deceit, intrigue, and back-stabbing conspiracies.

The Blue Lizard personifies Good versus Evil, Love versus Hate, Honor versus Greed.

Nick struggles to free himself from the bondage under which he is held prisoner--loyalty to his mob boss.

At the same time, he has an almost naive desire to free his long-lost love Ariana, whose soul is also held captive by the evil world that embodies The Blue Lizard. Up until the last moments of the film, no one, including Nick and Ariana themselves, knows whether their personal demons or angels will triumph.

Filmed on location at the famous Blue Lizard Lounge in Commack, Long Island, New York and SUNY Stony Brook state-of-the-art Sound Stages.