Une femme de ménage : Movie Review

Une femme de ménage, directed by Claude Berri
Starring: Jean-Pierre Bacri, Émilie Dequenne

Jacques is separated from his wife… and since he's alone, his flat becomes dirtier… He decides to employ a housemaid to help him. She's young, she's beautiful and she will be fall in love with him.
Claude Berri is the biggest French producer, he's the man who produced "Asterix and Obélix, mission Cleopatra", but he 's also director , his last film was "la débandade". That movie is more poetical, showing the love story of people of different age's . As usual, Jean-Pierre Bacri is extraordinary, with his grumpy face, and his bad mood. .. Émilie Dequenne, ever seen is "Rosetta" and "The brotherhood of the wolves" is very good in that kind of role. .. Even if the story is quite simple, it's not bad. .. the pleasure given by the two main actors is more important. .. The technical aspect of the film isn't important at all either, it's even a little neglected, because of the small cost of the movie. This film will be nice for all kinds of audience, because it's very funny, above all, when Bacri is speaking !

Author : Gweltaz Caouissin