Powerpuff Girls, The : Movie Review

Powerpuff Girls, The (2002) - Movie Poster
"Time was when animated cartoons were lovely, fluffy tales of Care Bears and such. Not so these days, as The Powerpuff Girls goes to show. The stars are three cute little girls with bug eyes, but the parallels end there."

Enter The Professor, an upstanding citizen who devises a plan to create a little girl whom he can teach right from wrong, reinstating harmony to the troubled Townsville. But lab monkey Mojo goes crazy and knocks Chemical X into the mix.

And so Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup are born. These little misses have special powers - they can fly at light-speed and have Superman strength. When they are taught to play Tag they run amok, destroying buildings and up-turning roads.

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Author : Karen Hyland