Red Dragon : Interview

Universal Pictures prequel to the 1991 Oscar©-winning Silence of The Lambs, and 2001's Hannibal RED DRAGON will open across the UK and Ireland on October 11th, through United International Pictures.

The cast includes, Academy-Award® winner Anthony Hopkins reprising his role as Hannibal Lecter and two-time Oscar® nominees Edward Norton as Will Graham. You can host exclusive interview footage from both Hopkins and Norton talking about each other and the film - please see above.

Other members of the cast include Ralph Fiennes as Francis Dolarhyde and Emily Watson as the blind Reba McClane. Oscar® nominee Harvey Keitel portrays FBI boss Jack Crawford, Tony Award winner Mary-Louise Parker plays Molly Graham and Tony nominee Philip Seymour Hoffman takes on the role of tabloid reporter Freddy Lounds.

RED DRAGON is directed by Brett Ratner, and produced by Dino DeLaurentiis and Martha De Laurentiis. Ted Tally, who received the Academy Award® for his screenplay for The Silence of The Lambs, adapted Red Dragon for the screen.

A killer like Dr. Hannibal Lecter always has his fans - damaged creatures who wallow in the details of his sensationally brutal crimes. The mere fact of his existence thrills them, and the outrage and cold sweat he provokes in "weaker" mortals sustain them as they trudge through lonely, bitter lives.

For these misfits, Lecter is a superior being. They are certain that he possesses the rare capacity to perceive them as they perceive themselves, and to respect the absolute necessity of their own depraved acts. Lecter appreciates their devotion, especially now. He's had too few diversions since taking up residence at the Baltimore State Hospital for the Criminally Insane.

Will Graham has had fans, too, but never wanted them. As a top FBI investigator, he became a reluctant tabloid hero with high-profile arrests of murderers, including his most famous capture, Dr. Lecter. Still, his uncanny ability to think like the most perverse serial killers made some people uneasy - including Graham himself, especially after his nearly fatal encounter with Lecter. After his wounds healed, he took his family to tiny Marathon, Florida and left the FBI behind.

But Lecter's newest fan - a merciless slayer of sleeping families who strikes under the full moon - changes all that. His next attack is sickeningly inevitable and Graham's old boss doesn't have another agent with Graham's gift/curse for getting inside a killer's head.

After studying the grisly crime scenes in Atlanta and Birmingham, Graham soon realizes that to have any chance of catching The Tooth Fairy, as this murderer has been dubbed, he'll need access to the mind of someone equally brilliant and equally twisted. And that means facing his former nemesis, Dr. Hannibal Lecter.

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