Pianist, The : Movie Review

Pianist, The (2002) - Movie PosterDirected by Roman Polanski
Starring : Adrien Brody, Thomas Krestchmann, Maureen Lipman, Franck Finlay, Emilia Fox, . ..

Wladsilaw Spilzman is a Jewish pianist from Varsovia during World War II. His whole family is deported to Treblinka, but he stays at Varsovia, helped by a friend. He will survive during five years in that ghetto. ..

It's the first film directed by Roman Polanski whose topic is the Jews' fate during WW2. To talk about that period of history he known (Polanski spent his childhood in the ghetto of Cracovia. ), he chose to adapt Wladilaw Spilzman's novel, also called "the pianist" and first published in 1946. The movie has won the golden palm during the last Cannes' festival, and it's deserved ! the direction of Roman Polanski is particulary sober but very good anyway, and he manages to make us feel the pain he endured. Some pictures are even hard to bear. .. he describes war like he lived it, so it's very realist ! Adrien Brody is also impressive ! He has to lose about 30 pounds, and to learn the piano to play Spilzman ! Brody really became his character fot that movie. Polanski has made a historic movie which shows us the way of life of ghettos' inhabitants. The music by Woiciech Kilar is sometimes oppressing, but it's beautiful !
If it would be only one movie about WW2 to see this year, it would be The pianist ! It's a masterpiece. Thank you Mister Polanski. ..

Author : Gweltaz Caouissin