Blanche : Movie Review

Directed by Bernie Bonvoisin
Starring : Lou Doillon, Jean Rochefort, Carole Bouquet, Roshdy Zem, José Garcia, Antoines de Caunes, . ..

Blanche's family has been killed, when she was a child, by the awful KKK. She wants to avenge her family's death.

Even if the movie takes place during the XVIIth century, even if the main characters are Louis XIV, Anne d'autriche and Mazarin, Blanche isn't a historic movie, not at all !!! The character's language is a mix of French slang and old French words. .. The King is gay, the Queen is perverse and Mazarin, a church man, is drug addicted. It's the style of the movie, to be very iconoclast ! Blanche is closer to the western style than to historic movies ! And that makes the movie rather original. Unfortunately, there is too much originality ! it makes the movie boring and bad.
The direction is rather bad too. Indeed, Bernie Bonvoisin was a punk singer during the eighties. that's why the camera's movements are fast, brutal. And the actors are not so good. . Except José Garcia, Antoine de Caunes and Gérard Depardieu (who has a little, very little role. .. unfortunately), the other actors seem to be lost with all that fancy ! Even Jean Rochefort isn't so good. .. Usually, he's wonderful.
Blanche is a great disappointment ! everything was gathered to make a good movie, but the director was too ambitious ! It's a shame because the main idea of the movie was good, very good. ..

Author : Gweltaz Caouissin