Guru, The : Story

Guru, The (2002) - Synopsis imageOnly a guru could have predicted the fate awaiting Ramu Gupta (Jimi Mistry), a young Indian dance instructor mesmerized by Broadway's footlights a world away. Transfixed on a friend's promise of a New York penthouse, a red Mercedes and an endless chorus line of blonde Baywatch babes, India's lord of the dance is going to make it big in America.

But the road to fame in New York is no magic carpet ride and Ramu winds up juggling the waiter's tray at an Indian restaurant and going to any audition that comes along. When Dwain (Michael McKean) of Ramrod Productions calls, Ramu's naked enthusiasm swiftly turns to stagefright when he discovers he is the unwitting star of an adult movie. A shy Ramu cannot rise to the occasion and despite sexual enlightenment from his co-star Sharonna (Heather Graham,) quickly finds himself jobless on all fronts. Desperate, he shows up unannounced at a birthday party catered by his former boss for New Age therapy-crazed socialite Lexi (Marisa Tomei). But whilst he starts off as a waiter he soon finds himself thrust into a new role when the guru employed for the party falls down drunk.