Daredevil : Not Long Now

Daredevil - synopsis heading graphicComic Book movies have regained much of the ground they have lost following the “Batman & Robin” embarrassment. Specifically, Marvel adaptations have been the source of resurgence. “X-Men,” “Blade,” and “Spider-Man” have all performed well at the box office, leading to considerable sequel talk and development. Not surprisingly, 2003 already has three Marvel adaptations on the release schedule; in order, “Daredevil,” “X-Men 2,” and “The Hulk.” While most audiences will be able to recognize the latter two, “Daredevil” may have slipped beneath their radar.

“Daredevil,” also known as the Man Without Fear, has been on film before, but only as a minor role in one of those made-for-TV “Hulk” shows. If my memory serves me, I don’t even think he dressed up in the red tights; he just appeared as Matt Murdock, attorney. In 2003, his opportunity to break through onto the silver screen appears to be an interesting mix of casting decisions.

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Author : Alex Keen