Halloween Ends : Movie Review

Title: Halloween Ends

Cast: Jamie Lee Curtis, Andi Matichak, Rohan Campbell, Will Patton, Kyle Richards, James Jude Courtney

Based on Characters Created By: John Carpenter, Debra Hill

Written By: Paul Brad Logan, Chris Bernier, Danny McBride, David Gordon Green

Directed By: David Gordon Green

Halloween Ends (2022) - DVD

As the Halloween saga comes to an end Jamie Lee Curtis (Halloween franchise, Scream Queens, Knives Out) takes one last turn as Laurie Strode, once again fighting for her life against Michael Myers (James Jude Courtney) in an exciting conclusion to the franchise.

In hiding for four years - living in the sewers feeding on scraps - after the events of Halloween Kills Michael Myers it about to set up the final confrontation. Laurie lives happily and peacefully with her granddaughter Allyson (Andi Matichak). But everything is about to turn bloody when Laurie and Myers meet once again fact to face - only one of them is getting out of this alive.

Jamie Lee Curtis has been starring in this franchise for over forty years now and she is a genuinely impressive actress, but she is only used sparingly in the movie - which is a shame as she has been the face of the franchise for so many years. Jamie Lee Curtis is still very much the scream queen but her she does take something of a backseat as the baton has already to a large extent been passed on to a younger generation of actors including Rohan Campbell as Corey Cunningham.

This instalment may not reach the heights of the original, or other episodes in the franchise, but it’s an improvement on the previous film in the series which was I believe almost universally disliked. There are several exciting, or scary scenes, as always accompanied by the now infamous soundtrack which will never fail to make the hairs on the back on your neck stand up and send a chill down your spine, music it seems has a way of doing that. and of course over the franchise the deaths have become increasingly gruesome and inventive, this is a big plus point for these later movies that have really tried to be innovative and the stretch the original concept.

The history of the Halloween franchise is rich and very important to cinema in general, especially of course the horror genre. It was and remains to this day the blueprint for all stalk and slash horror films. John Carpenter started it all in 1978 of course with his masterpiece. And whilst I didn't watch it when it was originally released as it was in fact the year I was born, since I was old enough to watch this franchise I've always enjoyed it, but the original will remain the best and has never really been matched.

It's fantastic to watch this movie in 4KUHD. It offers a beautifully clean print of the film, the colours are rich and the blacks are dark and ominous. It is perfect for a horror movie. The picture and sound quality are exceptional.

Halloween could never truly end without a decisive showdown between Laurie and Michael and in the final scenes after the fight we do see Michael Myers unmasked, although after all these years and movies, this moment could have been more dramatic and it does feel something of a let-down. But then wouldn't it always feel that way? As fans we never really want things to end, but of course they must. David Gordon Green has stated this this final film in his trilogy will be the final film in the franchise - unless another director were to take it on - but Jamie Lee Curtis has also confirmed that this will be her final appearance as Laurie Strode.


  • Deleted and Extended Scenes

  • Michael Shakes Things Up

  • Joan's Bunny Slam

  • Corey Reflects Upon Himself

  • Ronald's Stuck at Work

  • Margo Gets the Boot

  • Joan's Recipe for Disaster
  • Ending HALLOWEEN - HALLOWEEN could never truly end without a decisive showdown between Laurie and Michael. Explore the creative team's approach to crafting the film's final sequence.

  • Final Girl - The iconic Jamie Lee Curtis discusses the legacy of Laurie Strode and what playing the character has meant to her.

  • No Place Like Haddonfield - Filmmakers and cast reveal some of the secret ingredients that make HALLOWEEN productions so special and their personal feelings on being a part of such a classic franchise.

  • Gag Reel

  • A Different Threat - As Haddonfield evolves to a new era, we examine how the evil within has also evolved.

  • The Visions of Terror - See how various production departments came together to achieve the film's unique visual style.

  • Twisted Deaths - An up-close look at some of the gruesome death scenes.

  • Feature Commentary with co-writer/director David Gordon Green, actors Andi Matichak and Rohan Campbell, co-producer/first assistant director Atilla Salih Yücer, and production assistant Hugo Garza

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Additional bonus features also available from the first film 2 films in the Trilogy boxsets

HALLOWEEN ENDS is available on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, and DVD on January 16, 2023 from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment. Trilogy bundles and boxsets will also be available to Download & Keep and on Blu-ray & DVD.

Author : Kevin Stanley