Stuart Little 2 : Production Notes

art Little 2 (2001) - synopsis imageGet ready -- this summer, a Little goes a long way! Plucky, pint-sized hero Stuart Little (voiced by Michael J. Fox) returns to the big screen in Stuart Little 2, delighting audiences with even more action-packed adventure. This time, Stuart must go on a journey through New York City with a reluctant Snowbell (voiced by Nathan Lane) to rescue a new friend, Margalo (voiced by Melanie Griffith), from a villainous Falcon (voiced by James Woods). Back for Stuart Little 2 are Stuart's entire family from the original holiday hit: Geena Davis (Mrs. Little), Hugh Laurie (Mr. Little) and Jonathan Lipnicki (George Little) as well as Steve Zahn (voice of Monty).

Two years have passed since last we visited the Little family and much has changed. Stuart has blossomed and settled nicely into his new life. He goes to school (in his very own car), is very handy when it comes to building model airplanes and is proud of the fact he made the soccer team. And he loves having a big brother, George and a new baby sister, Martha Little (Anna Hoelck, and Ashley Hoelck) to play with. Even Snowbell (voiced by Nathan Lane), the curmudgeonly cat with an attitude, has warmed up to Stuart in his own way. All is well in the Little world, where every cloud has a silver lining.

Even still, Stuart yearns for a friend of his own -- someone like him. Driving home from school, Stuart hears a loud squawk and suddenly an injured bird falls out of the sky, landing in the passenger seat of his car. When she regains consciousness, the mysterious bird introduces herself as Margalo (voiced by Melanie Griffith). In a frightened voice she tells Stuart she is being threatened by Falcon (voiced by James Woods), a feared crime lord who terrorizes all creatures living in Manhattan.

When Stuart learns that Margalo doesn't have a place to live he insists she stay with the Littles. Mr. and Mrs. Little immediately accept Margalo and, much to Snowbell's chagrin, welcome her to stay as long as she wants.

It's obvious for all to see that Stuart has a crush on the charming and beguiling bird who promises him adventure. .. but Margalo is hiding a dark secret and is not what she appears to be. When she mysteriously vanishes, the unlikely duo of Stuart and Snowbell set out on a heart-pounding, hair-raising journey to find her and unlock the mystery.

The furry duo has no idea where they are headed--all Stuart knows is he has to find Falcon's lair and get Margalo back. It's a tall order for a small mouse with a big heart and his pampered Persian sidekick, but as Stuart says, "When you're a friend of Stuart Little, you're a friend for life. "

Columbia Pictures Presents A Douglas Wick/Lucy Fisher Production, A Franklin/Waterman Production, A Film by Rob Minkoff, Stuart Little 2. Directed by Rob Minkoff. Screenplay by Bruce Joel Rubin. Story by Douglas Wick and Bruce Joel Rubin. Based upon characters from the book 'Stuart Little' by E. B. White. Produced by Lucy Fisher and Douglas Wick. Executive producers are Jeff Franklin, Steve Waterman, Rob Minkoff, Gail Lyon and Jason Clark. The creative team includes director of photography Steven Poster, ASC, production designer Bill Brzeski, costume designer Mona May, editor Priscilla Nedd-Friendly, Visual Effects Supervisor Jerome Chen, and Special Visual Effects and Animation by Sony Pictures Imageworks, Inc. Music by Alan Silvestri. Music Supervision by Bonnie Greenberg-Goodman. Stuart Little 2 is rated PG by the MPAA for brief mild language.