Me You Madness : Movie Review

Ed Westwick and Louise Linton star in killer rom-com 'Me You Madness'

Available on Digital Download platforms in the UK and Ireland on 19th April

Louise Linton's comedy thriller, Me You Madness, starring Gossip Girl heart throb Ed Westwick, will be released on Digital Download in the UK & Ireland on 19th April by ILY Films.

Me You Madness (2021) - Movie Poster
Me You Madness is Linton's first experience of writing and directing. She also stars, playing Catherine Black; a ruthlessly ambitious, intelligent and successful business woman who happens to also be gorgeous. She lives a life of luxury: architectural dream house in Malibu, exclusive designer fashions, fast cars and exquisite jewellery. She has no need for a man except to satisfy her natural serial killer instinct.

When Tyler (Ed Westwick), a petty thief, responds to her online roommate ad, he thinks he’s struck a goldmine. He has no idea after a night of partying and passion that he is really just on the menu as her next victim. Things go according to plan, until Tyler falls for Catherine. For the first time in her life, she also starts to fall for him. Catherine’s life may change until Tyler discovers the freezer filled with the severed heads and limbs of her previous dates. She must decide whether to kill Tyler to protect her secret, or start a new life worth living with a man.

Me You Madness is full of fourth wall breaks from the lead characters as they narrate the story in which they are starring. I’s also a film that is completely self aware of its own craziness as it pays playful and colourful homage to the 80’s and to films such as 'Flash Dance', 'Footloose', and 'Dirty Dancing'. The soundtrack is full of 80s dance hits and disco. Me You Madness is a real break from the normal sort of film that you might watch. It’s a very unconventional love story with lots of fighting! It’s ‘fun’ it’s outrageously silly, it is at times funny, but it is also a little bit too much of Linton, being Linton. She seems to be deeply in love with herself. And Westwick is no different. He may be a perfectly good actor, and handsome to boot, but boy does he know it!

Linton is the high powered executive - who kills people and eats them! Who hasn’t thought about putting someone who has really annoyed them into the freezer?

Westwick is great in the role, picking up where he left off in the TV hit White Gold, his constant stream of conscience delivered straight down the barrel of the camera is expertly pulled off. It’s meta in the extreme.

It’s clearly a passion project for Linton but considering that she has flirted with a good deal of controversy whether you believe that she should be in the position to make this movie, (as I understand itů It’s completely self-funded with money from her billionaire husbandů or whether Westwick should be acting at all considering he was accused (but acquitted) of sexual assault by four women in 2017 is entirely up to you to decide. I make no judgement. I just watch the films and review them.

Me You Madness will be available on iTunes, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Sky Store, Sony, TalkTalk in the UK and Ireland on 19th April.

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Author : Kevin Stanley