Freaky : Movie Review

Freaky (2020) - Movie PosterA delightful mutant hybrid of two seemingly incongruous teen movie genres, cheeky Blumhouse satire “Freaky” might just as well have been called “Freaky Friday the 13th.” That’s essentially the pitch for a mashup that’s half slasher movie and half body-swap comedy, delivered with the self-aware wink of Wes Craven’s “Scream,” as a serial killer known as “the Blissfield Butcher” (Vince Vaughn) unwittingly trades places with his latest victim, dorky high school misfit Millie (Kathryn Newton).

Picture this: On Thursday the 12th, Millie is humiliated by the shop teacher (Alan Ruck). On Friday, she settles the score … only it’s not Millie but the Butcher who’s driving her body — and leaving corpses all over school — unless she can reverse the curse before midnight. Co-written and directed by ’80s horror aficionado Christopher Landon, “Freaky” has fun with its premise, and audiences will too — though it’s a shame that the release date fell two weeks after Halloween.

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Author : Peter Debruge