Annihilation : Movie Review

Annihilation (2018) - Movie Poster
Superficially, "Annihilation" may look from the outside like yet another derivative facsimile of Ridley Scott's "Alien," a science-fiction thriller where a group of astronauts/soldiers/scientists venture into the unknown and are picked off one at a time by a deadly unidentified force or creature. Writer-director Alex Garland (2015's "Ex Machina") does not deal in mimicking what has come before. Thus, while the nuts-and-bolts premise sounds like the set-up for the familiar, what viewers are treated to instead is altogether fresh and mesmerizing and thoroughly unshakeable, a quaking, thought-provoking story of grief, lost loves, unearthly metamorphoses, and the delicate yet all-powerful cellular make-up which connects everything in the world—for better and for worse.

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Author : Dustin Putman