Split : Movie Review

Split (2016) - Movie Poster
Earlier this week I had the pleasure to attend the first ever UK screening of Split, the latest film from Director M Night Shyamalan (The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable). Known as the king of twists M. Night didn’t disappoint with this one, James McAvoy puts in without a doubt one of the most complex, compelling and all out extraordinary performances of his career.

The story revolves around Casey (Anya Taylor-Joy) a young girl who is left without a ride home after a party. Upon being offered a ride home accompanied by two of her giggly school friends the girls are distracted as the man who climbs into the car isn’t the helpful dad who offered the lift, a spray of aerosol chloroform later and the three girls wake up in a locked room in some sort of boiler room basement prison.

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Author : Sean Evans