Nice Guys, The : Movie Review

Title: Nice Guys
Actors: Ryan Gosling, Russell Crowe, Matt Bomer, Kim Basinger, Angourie Rice, Keith David
Director: Shane Black
Script: Shane Black, Anthony Bagarozzi

Nice Guys DVD
1977 Los Angeles. Gosling plays a single father and private eye named Holland March. He’s hired to investigate a famous porn star named Misty Mountains who has gone missing. Or was she killed in a car crash? No one is exactly certain. Misty’s Grandma swears that she saw her after her apparent death.

March gets into trouble with another private eye. Well he’s more of a hired thug named Jackson Healey played by Crowe, but they soon team up to find a mystery girl named Amelia (Margaret Qualley) who is in real life the daughter of And McDowell. Also along for the ride is March’s young daughter Holly (Angourie) Rice. She’s got more brains than the two guys put together.

At this point we are still trying to figure out if this is a murder mystery movie or a comedy. It turns out to be the former and less comedic than you might have hoped for, despite it being billed as a comedy. it’s a shame because Gosling is well suited to comedy and in fact so too is Crowe, but there are fewer laughs and more punch ups. It’s more of an all out action film for the final 15 minutes as fights turn into foot chases into fights into car chases and explosions.

It’s all slickly directed by Shane Black and it looks good throughout, it’s just lacking a bit of real substance. Crowe and Gosling play different characters so it lends a element of interest but the real star here is the young Rice, who is possibly too young to be in this movie!

Nice Guys is a fun film of fights and chases and a murder mystery at the centre, with a funky 70s sound track.

Author : Kevin Stanley