Eddie the Eagle : Movie Review

Eddie the Eagle DVD
Michael "Eddie" Edwards nicknamed "Eddie the Eagle" was born in 1963 and was at the age of 35 the British ski jumping champion who went on to represent Great Britain in 1988 at the Winter Olympics in Calgary, Alberta. He finished last in both the 70m and 90m events but became famous as the plucky underdog.

Taron Egerton stars as Eddie the Eagle with support from mega star Hugh Jackman as his (fictional) coach Bronson Peary.

After losing his place on the ski team Eddie switches to ski jumping and heads to Germany to train. As things tend to work in films Eddie finds himself a unexpected coach as fate leads him to Bronson Peary - a former ski jumper who very reluctantly agrees to train him.

Egerton steals the film as the geeky but lovable Eddie. He's brilliant. Flawed but passionate, Egerton gets the role and the character prefect. Even Edwards himself in the special features says that he thinks Egerton did a brilliant job of portraying him and really understanding his personality and his motivations.

Hugh Jackman is funny and plays a great role. As Peary he wants to set the record straight after his own battles within the sport of ski jumping after a bust up with his own trainer.

Dexter Fletcher (of Press Gang fame) directs stylishly to combine sports with drama with comedy. It's a fantastic mix and sports movie fans will be delighted to see that all the staples of the genre are here such a training montages and unlikable rivals whose respect is ultimately earned. And even though just like in Titanic we know what will happen and how the story ends we still cheer him on. Yes maybe Edwards never became a champion or really competed with the best in his chosen sport but he was the British champion and he got to the Olympics and represented his country. His story really is extrodinary and he is an exceptional person. This film pays him respect and honours his achievements. Recommended!

Author : Kevin Stanley