Pixels : Movie Review

Pixels (2015) - Movie Poster"Pixels" is thoroughly entwined in retro video-game culture and the days way back when hanging out at the arcade was one of the coolest things a kid could do. It stands to reason, then, that the film is an affectionate throwback to 1980s fantasy-comedy cinema and an undoubted nostalgia trip for present-day adults who grew up during the generation of Atari and Nintendo. As jovially directed by Chris Columbus (2009's "I Love You, Beth Cooper") and written by Tim Herlihy (2013's "Grown Ups 2") and Timothy Dowling (2011's "Just Go with It"), "Pixels" is unapologetically ridiculous and most definitely slight, but neither of these traits takes away how fun it is. Younger viewers who wouldn't know Pac-Man or Centipede even if they snuck up and gobbled them whole may not understand most of the references, but they will quickly be caught up in the pure adventure of it all, as well.

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Author : Dustin Putman, TheFilmFile.com.