Enough : Movie Review

Jennifer Lopez plays Slim, a struggling waitress who meets a chivalrous millionaire (Billy Campbell, Once and Again) in her trendy diner. He saves her from a slimy customer and instantly wins her heart. As the title cards display, this is “How They Met.” The two have a storybook marriage and conceive the perfect princess child. As in all fairy tales, a giant ogre attacks the family and puts them in jeopardy, but in this story, it’s the husband, the prince charming, who is the beast in a tuxedo.

When Slim discovers her husband’s various infidelities, she confronts him. Rather than lie or even sheepishly admit his wrongdoing, her husband, Mitch, informs her as the breadwinner, it’s his right to play around. She doesn’t like that response or his next one, a hook to the jaw.

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Author : Jonas Schwartz