Interstellar : Movie Review

Illustrious of vision but even grander of ideas, "Interstellar" is majestic science-fiction done right. Mostly. Writer-director Christopher Nolan (2012's "The Dark Knight Rises") and his frequent collaborator, co-writer/brother Jonathan Nolan, dare to imagine not just this galaxy but also the next, in a sprawling, emotionally wrought time-and-space-jumping saga about a harrowing last-ditch effort to save humankind's legacy. Treating their apocalyptic setting with somber, non-showy precision and the plot's barrier-breaking space travel with a part-fanciful, part-scientific complexity, the Nolans have built from the ground up an original slice of cinema with a familiar but not ineffectual thematic heartbeat. In an attempt to explain its mind-bending premise to mainstream audiences, however, the script occasionally and ineloquently spells things out, wading too deeply into overt exposition. At this point in his seasoned career, Christopher Nolan should exhibit a little more trust in the potency of his images to tell the story.

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Author : Dustin Putman