Uberto Pasolini - Details


Uberto Pasolini began his film career in 1983 working as an assistant director on The Killing Fields. After a stint in the international marketing and distribution departments of Twentieth Century Fox, he joined David Puttnam’s company Enigma, where he spent three years working on a number of features including The Mission.

From 1986 - 1988, he was Vice President of Production with Columbia Pictures in Los Angeles, where he worked with among others David Mamet on Things Change” and Emir Kusturica on Time of the Gypsies. Returning to Enigma in London, he worked as Associate Producer on Istvan Szabo’s Meeting Venus, and produced Lawrence -- A Dangerous Man, which won the Emmy® Award for Best Drama in 1992.

In 1991, he left Enigma to set up Redwave Films (UK) Limited, and to start a two year period as a consultant for Columbia Pictures in London, where he also had a first look development deal.

In 1994, he produced Palookaville. Financed by American Playhouse and The Samuel Goldwyn Company, the film marked the screen debuts of director Alan Taylor and writer David Epstein. It was well received by both critics and audiences at the 1995 Venice Film Festival, where it won the International Kodak Prize for first and second features. Palookaville also screened at many American film festivals including the Sundance Film Festival in 1996.

In 1996, Pasolini produced the smash hit The Full Monty, which was again written and directed by newcomers, Simon Beaufoy and Peter Cattaneo, respectively. The film received its world premiere at the 1997 Sundance Festival and won audience awards at Locarno, Edinburgh, San Sebastian, Melbourne and Dinard Film Festivals.

The Full Monty enjoyed immense international box-office success as well as four 1997 Academy Award® nominations for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay and Best Original Score, which Anne Dudley took home the Oscar®.