Barber of Siberia, The (1998) - Details

Russia, 1885. Travelling across Russia, Jane meets Andrei Tolstoy, an officer cadet who falls in love with her. Jane is in Russia to help the inventor Douglas McCracken secure a contract for his 'barber', a machine for cutting down the Siberian forests. For this purpose, she attempts to seduce General Radlov, the head of the Military Academy. Radlov falls in love with her and asks Tolstoy, who speaks English, to translate his proposal to Jane. The cadet, however, uses this as an opportunity to declare his own love for Jane. Radlov is humiliated but cannot punish Tolstoy who is to take the lead the next day in a production of The Marriage of Figaro before Grand Duke Aleksei. Later Jane spends the night with Tolstoy.

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